• Gasmask

    Buying gas masks?  

    Do you want to buy a professional gas mask against chemical weapons? Do you live at a bad nuclear power plant nearby? 

    We provide true civil gas mask and army masks that are resistant to everything. So not just a industry mask, but real NBC masks. 

    Our gas masks and NBC / CBRN filters are European produced and with European approval. We also deliver the genuine NBC / CBRN gas mask filter to our combat masks with general NATO screw closure.

     So you want to buy a gas mask, do not look any further and order a genuine NBC mask with an army gas mask filter. We are the only ones who can guarantee complete protection with our materials, everything is made in the EU and has all European test labels.

  • Gas Mask Filter

    Want to buy a gas mask filter?

    Do you want a professional gas mask NBC filter against bad nuclear power plants, biological, chemical, nuclear weapons or biological outbreaks or chemical disasters. Then you've come to the right place.

    We supply genuine NBC/CBRN Filters for civilian gas masks and our army masks that are resistant to everything.

    So not just any hardware store or industrial filter that partly protects you, but real full CBRN filters.

    Our NBC/CBRN gas mask filters are European produced and with European approval. We supply genuine NBC / CBRN gas mask filters with our masks with general NATO screw closure.

    So if you want to buy a gas mask, look no further and order a real NBC mask with an army CBRN gas mask filter from us. We are the only one who can guarantee full protection with our material, everything is made in the EU and has all European test labels.

  • Gasmask accessories

    Gas mask accessories 

    Gasmaks on? But you can not eat and drink, thats also a problem. We have special canteen for our masks.

    Our CBRN gas mask products are European produced and with European approval.

    You also dont want your mask contaminated before you use it. That is why we have special gas mask bags that we recommend with your mask. Look at our drinking bottles and protective gas mask bags in this section.

    If you live near a nuclear power plant, if there is a nuclear disaster or if a dirty bomb is used, then it is advisable to take iodine tablets to prevent radioactive substances being stored in your body. These Iodine pills can be ordered in this section. Read more about iodine use on our website.

  • Emergency

    Disaster preparation   

    Are you prepared? Do you have resources for your individual protection?

    Our products are for individual protection and are intended for a state of emergency, a state of war, possible terrorist attacks, leaks of hazardous substances or a disaster with a nuclear power plant, for example.

    Possible emergency situations:

    Extreme weather: Heat wave, thunderstorm, storm, snowfall

    Radiation incident: Nuclear accident, nuclear accident, radiation

    Disease wave and epidemic: Infections, viruses

    Terrorism: Terrorist attack, threat

    Power outage: Power outage, EMP attack, cyber attack

    Fire and explosion: Natural fires, hazardous substances

    Flood: High water, storm, dyke breach

    Earthquake: Earthquakes, danger of collapse

    Cyber ​​attack: DDos attack, EMP, viruses, hackers

    Long drought: Water shortage, water quality

  • Biohazard

    Biohazard what is that?
    Any organism and/or venom from that organism known to cause human, animal or plant disease.

    Biological hazard, what is that? Where can a biological threat come from? Are all viruses and bacteria dangerous? Is it bird flu, a corona outbreak, did it escape from a lab somewhere? there are many unknown biolabs worldwide, what are they for? There are also well-known people who warn against biological warfare as the new danger. Are they behind it themselves, or do they know more?
    These are many questions that man is faced with, and rightly so. We are in a changing world where nothing is as it seems. It is a fact that biolabs have been found, what do they make? And that no one in this unstable world excludes a biological hazard, it is useful to take this seriously.
    A P2 / P3 mouth cap or mask with P3 filters of high protection cannot be unwise when a biological attack is reported. (Note: homemade mouth caps do not work at all)
    In addition to all the uncertainties, we are aware that ventilation of communal areas is also a must, so here too we have stand-alone solutions to quickly filter a room, up to 450 m3 per hour. This is unprecedented and most aerosol filter systems do not save.

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