Emergency or dangerous situation? Do you have to leave immediately and flee from danger? Grab your special bug out bag and go straight. The special backpack that is stocked with all your most important products that you need in an emergency should always be in the same place for your safety. Make sure you don't have to fill a backpack when the emergency comes, you will often not have that time and put you in extra danger.

Many people wonder whether they should put together an emergency kit. It is only when the electricity and water supplies fail that we realize how much of an impact this can have on our society. Think of the announced cyber attacks they predict. It is therefore wise to always be prepared so that you are self-reliant and not dependent on others. An emergency kit may sound a bit exaggerated now, but it is really just a collection of products that are a must during your emergency. Also, a back pack is standard in your car, you can always get stranded.

What you put in the bug out bag depends on the location. you could think of walking shoes, water bottles or water bottles, a metal drinking cup, extra batteries, flashlight, toiletries, warm hat and gloves, socks, a good sweater or vest, rain poncho, first aid kit and, for example, a pocket knife. A self-defense product is recommended, you never know what you will encounter if you go into nature in an emergency.

With a basic pack you should think of a flashlight, fire, first aid kit, emergency ration, knife, multi-tool and water filter. You can put together a pack with us with your products according to your wishes.

A bug out bag is therefore a backpack filled with items that must be taken quickly in an emergency. This backpack is always filled and ready for use day and night. Remember, in an emergency situation you cannot take the time to think about what you want to take with you.

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