You can buy a top quality flashlight, head lamp, oil lamp, break lights or camping lamp at We have a very large range of lamps that we have extensively tested. You can find the ideal flashlight for emergency, outdoor, sports, survival or hunting with us. We have selected the best products that will not let you down especially for an emergency.

Flashlights: Did all power go out during a cyber attack, are you somewhere without petrol, in a forest? Then there is nothing more annoying not to see or find anything. A flashlight is a must in your emergency kit. of course also easy for camping or outdoor activities.

Break Lights: Super handy for a night light in an emergency without draining your flashlight's batteries. Break your nod light, and illuminate a tent, room or car.

Oil lamp: This old-fashioned but efficient lamp gives a long light in a large room, and also gives off enough heat to comfortably heat a whole room on colder days.

In short, light is an important part to have with you in an emergency.

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