Water filters

A water filter belongs in your emergency kit, because filtering and drinking water safely is very important. You simply cannot get sick in an emergency. Water that you collect outside cannot be safely drunk and you do not always have the time or possibilities to pre-boil the water.

We have water filters from pocket size to large extreme filters that filter up to 600 liters without having to replace the filter. our filter systems filter 99.99% of medicine residues, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. You can also use our filters during an outdoor activity, survival, bushcraft or holiday, but also in everyday life to drink healthy water without medicine residues or Genx pfas or other chemicals.
View our extensive and specially selected range and choose a water filter that suits you. Whether you want to filter your own water outdoors or in the event of an emergency around the house, we have everything to let you drink safe water for a long time.

We also supply safe water tablets on a silver basis to store your water for a longer period of time without the use of chloride. Also think about water that you keep on your outdoor bushcraft, camping or, for example, long boat trip.

Take a quick look at our water filter section and ensure a healthy and safe glass of water in and around the house, or with you on a trip.

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