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Emergency power supply with solar panels

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Powerful portable charging station Power Station Ecoflow gives you important time steam during a total power outage after, for example, a major cyber hack on our power grid. But this power station is of course also super handy for camping, outdoor weekends, vestivals, a day of fishing or all activities where there is no power outlet.

Prevent a complete blackout at home and use the Ecoflow in an emergency for your electrical appliances that are important to you during a total blackout.

the Ecoflow can store a lot of energy and can be used as an emergency power supply. You can charge this backup power bank in 4 hours with our powerful solar panels, without using mains power.

The Ecoflow is a super compact power station with 230V sockets. Because this portable battery pack is small and weighs little, it is very suitable for taking with you on a trip. Thanks to the various USB connections, you can charge any mobile phone, laptop or tablet at breakneck speed. Charging the backup battery is possible via a 12/24V car connection, via mains voltage on the Ecoflow solar panels.

If you combine the power station, also called a solar generator by some, with a solar panel, you have a self-sufficient energy system.


Why a back-up power station?

As an emergency supply at home, or as an ideal power supply on holiday.

In an emergency, use it efficiently, gasoline runs out in a long blackout, the sun doesn't.

No fuel or toxic fumes and quiet operation. The EcoFlow Power Station is safe to use indoors.

Easy to use; plug it into the wall outlet, car charger or solar panel.

Power can be stored and used when needed, maximizing efficiency.

Costs 30% less than regular gasoline-powered inverter generators over their lifetime.

Anarchy breaks out after a total blackout power outage

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