Gas Mask Filter

Want to buy a gas mask filter?

Do you want a professional gas mask NBC filter against bad nuclear power plants, biological, chemical, nuclear weapons or biological outbreaks or chemical disasters. Then you've come to the right place.

We supply genuine NBC/CBRN Filters for civilian gas masks and our army masks that are resistant to everything.

So not just any hardware store or industrial filter that partly protects you, but real full CBRN filters.

Our NBC/CBRN gas mask filters are European produced and with European approval. We supply genuine NBC / CBRN gas mask filters with our masks with general NATO screw closure.

So if you want to buy a gas mask, look no further and order a real NBC mask with an army CBRN gas mask filter from us. We are the only one who can guarantee full protection with our material, everything is made in the EU and has all European test labels.

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