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What is the best pocket knife? Which pocket knife should I put in my emergency kit? What types of pocket knives are there? Don't worry, we have a nice, affordable and not too large selection of multi-tools and knives for your emergency kit. We have already made the selection for you, without having to choose from too many different models. A knife is indispensable in your emergency kit, you only really miss a knife when you are on the road in an emergency. In addition, a self-defense product is recommended, you never know what you will encounter in an emergency. In the past, everyone had a knife with them so that people could save themselves in difficult circumstances. For example, you can cut rope, wood, meat, vegetables or. The world may look very different now, but the dangers cannot be less because of it. Our knives will come in handy during various scenarios and emergencies, both in our urban jungle and in nature. Our knives, machete, axes and multi-tools are for emergency, survival and outdoor purposes, of course not to be used against people. We only sell in countries where it is allowed and above the age of 18. If you are under 18, have your parents purchase these products if they allow it.

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