Disaster preparation   

Are you prepared? Do you have resources for your individual protection?

Our products are for individual protection and are intended for a state of emergency, a state of war, possible terrorist attacks, leaks of hazardous substances or a disaster with a nuclear power plant, for example.

Possible emergency situations:

Extreme weather: Heat wave, thunderstorm, storm, snowfall

Radiation incident: Nuclear accident, nuclear accident, radiation

Disease wave and epidemic: Infections, viruses

Terrorism: Terrorist attack, threat

Power outage: Power outage, EMP attack, cyber attack

Fire and explosion: Natural fires, hazardous substances

Flood: High water, storm, dyke breach

Earthquake: Earthquakes, danger of collapse

Cyber ​​attack: DDos attack, EMP, viruses, hackers

Long drought: Water shortage, water quality


  • Water filters

    A water filter belongs in your emergency kit, because filtering and drinking water safely is very important. You simply cannot get sick in an emergency. Water that you collect outside cannot be safely drunk and you do not always have the time or possibilities to pre-boil the water.

    We have water filters from pocket size to large extreme filters that filter up to 600 liters without having to replace the filter. our filter systems filter 99.99% of medicine residues, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. You can also use our filters during an outdoor activity, survival, bushcraft or holiday, but also in everyday life to drink healthy water without medicine residues or Genx pfas or other chemicals.
    View our extensive and specially selected range and choose a water filter that suits you. Whether you want to filter your own water outdoors or in the event of an emergency around the house, we have everything to let you drink safe water for a long time.

    We also supply safe water tablets on a silver basis to store your water for a longer period of time without the use of chloride. Also think about water that you keep on your outdoor bushcraft, camping or, for example, long boat trip.

    Take a quick look at our water filter section and ensure a healthy and safe glass of water in and around the house, or with you on a trip.

  • Power Stations

    Emergency power supply with solar panels

    Official ECOFLOW dealer with lowest price guarantee.

    Powerful portable charging station Power Station Ecoflow gives you important time steam during a total power outage after, for example, a major cyber hack on our power grid. But this power station is of course also super handy for camping, outdoor weekends, vestivals, a day of fishing or all activities where there is no power outlet.

    Prevent a complete blackout at home and use the Ecoflow in an emergency for your electrical appliances that are important to you during a total blackout.

    the Ecoflow can store a lot of energy and can be used as an emergency power supply. You can charge this backup power bank in 4 hours with our powerful solar panels, without using mains power.

    The Ecoflow is a super compact power station with 230V sockets. Because this portable battery pack is small and weighs little, it is very suitable for taking with you on a trip. Thanks to the various USB connections, you can charge any mobile phone, laptop or tablet at breakneck speed. Charging the backup battery is possible via a 12/24V car connection, via mains voltage on the Ecoflow solar panels.

    If you combine the power station, also called a solar generator by some, with a solar panel, you have a self-sufficient energy system.


    Why a back-up power station?

    As an emergency supply at home, or as an ideal power supply on holiday.

    In an emergency, use it efficiently, gasoline runs out in a long blackout, the sun doesn't.

    No fuel or toxic fumes and quiet operation. The EcoFlow Power Station is safe to use indoors.

    Easy to use; plug it into the wall outlet, car charger or solar panel.

    Power can be stored and used when needed, maximizing efficiency.

    Costs 30% less than regular gasoline-powered inverter generators over their lifetime.

    Anarchy breaks out after a total blackout power outage

  • Backpacks

    Emergency or dangerous situation? Do you have to leave immediately and flee from danger? Grab your special bug out bag and go straight. The special backpack that is stocked with all your most important products that you need in an emergency should always be in the same place for your safety. Make sure you don't have to fill a backpack when the emergency comes, you will often not have that time and put you in extra danger.

    Many people wonder whether they should put together an emergency kit. It is only when the electricity and water supplies fail that we realize how much of an impact this can have on our society. Think of the announced cyber attacks they predict. It is therefore wise to always be prepared so that you are self-reliant and not dependent on others. An emergency kit may sound a bit exaggerated now, but it is really just a collection of products that are a must during your emergency. Also, a back pack is standard in your car, you can always get stranded.

    What you put in the bug out bag depends on the location. you could think of walking shoes, water bottles or water bottles, a metal drinking cup, extra batteries, flashlight, toiletries, warm hat and gloves, socks, a good sweater or vest, rain poncho, first aid kit and, for example, a pocket knife. A self-defense product is recommended, you never know what you will encounter if you go into nature in an emergency.

    With a basic pack you should think of a flashlight, fire, first aid kit, emergency ration, knife, multi-tool and water filter. You can put together a pack with us with your products according to your wishes.

    A bug out bag is therefore a backpack filled with items that must be taken quickly in an emergency. This backpack is always filled and ready for use day and night. Remember, in an emergency situation you cannot take the time to think about what you want to take with you.

  • Knife and tools

    What is the best pocket knife? Which pocket knife should I put in my emergency kit? What types of pocket knives are there? Don't worry, we have a nice, affordable and not too large selection of multi-tools and knives for your emergency kit. We have already made the selection for you, without having to choose from too many different models. A knife is indispensable in your emergency kit, you only really miss a knife when you are on the road in an emergency. In addition, a self-defense product is recommended, you never know what you will encounter in an emergency. You can cut rope, wood, meat or vegetables . 

    Our knives will come in handy during various scenarios and emergencies, both in our urban jungle and in nature. Our knives, machete, axes and multi-tools are for emergency, survival and outdoor purposes, of course not to be used against people. We only sell in countries where it is allowed and above the age of 18. If you are under 18, have your parents purchase these products if they allow it.

  • First Aid

    First aid in an emergency, preparing yourself for an accident during an emergency is important. Be prepared that someone could get hurt, otherwise your problem will only get bigger than it already is.
    Think of dressing wounds, pinching off large bleeding with a tourniquet, splinting, up to a bumped and open toe or large splinter. Anything can make your situation more difficult during your flight or home emergency. Make sure that nothing gets infected, wounds stay clean and that you can stabilize someone if necessary.

  • Fire and heat

    Fire and heat is very important in an emergency situation.

    Everything to light a fire during emergencies, in the rain, in strong winds or during an outdoor or survival weekend. From matches to magnesium sticks, fire makers.

    Make fire in all circumstances. Without heat you can get into serious trouble, but also think about heating food and boiling water to kill the bacteria or warming yourself with a warm glass of water or drink.

    Do not only think of outdoor activities, but also, for example, of a cyber attack for which there is a full warning. Do you have fire in and around the house if everything has failed?

    Also an indispensable attribute during outdoor activities. Purposes of lighters and warmers: prepping, survival, hunting, sailing, camping, bushcraft or during your flight into the unknown during an emergency.

  • lamps

    You can buy a top quality flashlight, head lamp, oil lamp, break lights or camping lamp at gasmask.nl. We have a very large range of lamps that we have extensively tested. You can find the ideal flashlight for emergency, outdoor, sports, survival or hunting with us. We have selected the best products that will not let you down especially for an emergency.

    Flashlights: Did all power go out during a cyber attack, are you somewhere without petrol, in a forest? Then there is nothing more annoying not to see or find anything. A flashlight is a must in your emergency kit. of course also easy for camping or outdoor activities.

    Break Lights: Super handy for a night light in an emergency without draining your flashlight's batteries. Break your nod light, and illuminate a tent, room or car.

    Oil lamp: This old-fashioned but efficient lamp gives a long light in a large room, and also gives off enough heat to comfortably heat a whole room on colder days.

    In short, light is an important part to have with you in an emergency.

  • Body Armour

    Bulletproof ballistic plates according to the new NIJ standards, lightweight, suitable for back packs, plate carrier and tactical vest.

    PLEASE NOTE: We only deliver in the Benelux for personal protection in this changing world. An export license outside the Benelux is required for ballistic protection. Ask us about the conditions.

    Do not sit on the insert
    Do not drop the insert on the floor and avoid other hard shock(s)
    Do a visual inspection of the insert every six-month
    In case of visual damages, send the insert back for inspection / repair
    Do only clean with pure water or mild soap
    Guarantee period
    The plate is expected to preserve its conformity with the specifications for a period of at least 5 years during storage from the date of delivery, provided that:
    The product is stored under dry conditions at normal ambient temperature
    The product is stored vertically
    The product has not been subjected to peak temperature exceeding 70°C
    The product is protected against long term direct exposure to sun light

  • Emergency Ration

    Emergency supplies & reserve food

    We do not supply expensive outdoor useless emergency rations like preper sites sell, but we supply large bulk dried food. Dried food has a shelf life of many decades and you can benefit from it for a long time in an emergency and enjoy delicious food.

    We mainly supply beans, lentils and peas in 10kg bags. These are products with a lot of minerals, proteins and vitamins that your body desperately needs.

    Legumes are delicious in many dishes, and can even be made edible in the dark by sprouting them. This concentrate can be prepared and eaten in many ways. In the event of a prolonged emergency, legumes can be sown and grown on poor soil.

  • Tents

    We offer the best quality tents and expertise when it comes to selling various survival tents such as the lightweight tent, camping tent and bushcraft tent.

    You can choose different types of survival tents for different purposes, we have the suitable outdoor tent for every emergency and wish. As a specialist in prepping and self-reliance, we have made a selection and offer various high-quality, two-person lightweight survival and bushcraft tents.

    Good bug-out gear also includes a dry place to sleep. With our high quality and inconspicuous army tents, we are cheaper than outlet tent sellers of easy bushcraft shelter tents.

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