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P3-R Protective Biological Filter (anti virus)
  • P3-R Protective Biological Filter (anti virus)
  • P3-R Protective Biological Filter (anti virus)
  • P3-R Protective Biological Filter (anti virus)

3 pack P3-R Protective Biological Filter (anti virus)

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3 Pack P3 R Gas Mask Anti-hazardeous particles and biological filter

This gas mask filter stops all bacteria, viruses and particulate matter (dust). We have purchased this specially for the corona virus which is a major problem worldwide.



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P3-R Gas Mask Anti-Particle-Bacteria-Virus Filter 3 pack

This is a 3 pack of filters P3-R type

These P3-certified biofilters combine ultra-modern ULP filtration with ultra-low particle air (40 mm) and work with your existing gas mask

The filter canister was designed for protection against hazardeous particles and biological threats. It provides long term protection against bacteria, viruses, germs, spores, hazardeous particles, azbestos.

This P3 breathes a lot lighter than for example, our extreme protective CBRN filter. So this P3-R is a pleasant filter for daily use.

The filter can be additionally equipped on your nomal gasmaks passend für bis zu 2 Standard 40 mm 1/7 "NATO-Filterpatronen. Fits all our masks. 

P3 Protects: Higher concentrations of harmful dust that can affect the respiratory tract. Think of fine dust. For highly toxic dust, smoke and mist that can be absorbed into the blood: particles of carcinogens, particles of asbestos, bacteria, viruses, enzymes and spores. It is best to take a P3 filter with a full face mask.

Features P3 Filter:

  • 40 mm x 1/7" NATO filter standard (EN 148-1: 1999) thread cutting
  • Can be stored for 20 years in a seal
  • P3-certified protection (according to EN 143: 2000 standards) filters out 99.9999 % of the biothreats (NOTE: not suitable for other CBRN warfare threats)
  • Super lightweight filter (100 g)
  • Uses some of the highest quality ULPA filter constructions that work on particles of only 0.2 microns.
  • Hydrophobic filter paper can be used with remediation showers
  • Prevents aerosol and airborne transmission of viral and bacterial threats

Certification & details:

  • P3 R according to EN 143 standard
  • TH3 PR SL EU code EN 12941
  • TM3 PR SL EU code EN 12942
  • Format filter 110 x 55 mm
  • Also suitable powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR)
  • Compatible with all our half masks and full face masks
  • Compatible thread STANAG 4155, EN148-1
  • P3 filtration removes 99.9999 +% of airborne biological hazard as small as 0.2 microns
  • Less than 0.05% penetration to 95 l / min airflow
  • Proven in aerosol concentrations up to 20 ± 5 mg / m3
  • Easy and safe removal after use



R EN 143/A1 EN 12941/AZ EN 12942/A2 EN 148-1

THB/TM3 P R SL Rd 40x1/7"

Note: this is not a filter that filters chemicals and nuclear parts. You need our CBRN filter for this. This filter really does everything that could endanger you and your family. If you want to be protected against all dangers and disasters, choose the CBRN filter.

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