Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T Water purification
  • Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T Water purification

Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T Water purification

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Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T

Water purification Micropur preserves chlorine-free drinking water for up to 6 months, prevents re-infection with germs, algae and musty odors.



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Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T

100 water preservation tablets

Taste neutral, without chlorine flavor. Application time: 2 hours. Read the package leaflet carefully before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Dosage: 1 tablet for 1 liter of water
Active ingredients: Silver chloride
Content: 100 tablets (100 tablets = 100 liters)
Shelf life: approx. 8 to 10 years
Weight: 20 gram

Silver ions fight micro-organisms

Micropur Classic MC from Katadyn is a powerful means for preserving water. Silver ions are the working ingredients. They are able to prevent the multiplication of different types of microorganisms. They do this by clinging to the cell walls of bacteria, algae and other potential germs. As a result, the cells are no longer able to grow. Water can be preserved for 6 months due to the elimination of micro-organisms. After adding a Micropur Classic tablet, it takes 2 hours for the silver ions to neutralize micro-organisms.

Water continues to taste good

Safety is of course the first requirement for drinking water. But you also want good taste. The use of silver ions is also very suitable for this. Other agents generally use chlorine to combat microorganisms. That is a lot less efficient than the effect of silver ions. Chlorine also causes a bad taste.

For emergency, vacations and long trips

Micropur Classic enables you to store standing water in a responsible manner. This is especially useful when you do not have access to reliable water. Water is stored in reservoirs in caravans, boats and campers. A Micropur Classic MC tablet preserves a liter of water for six months. This means you always have access to clean and safe drinking water. Even when you are on the road or away from home for a long time. Furthermore, the tablets can be used to guarantee that water in, for example, air conditioners, humidifiers and heating systems is hygienically clean.

Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T is suitable for clear water

You use this preservative to store clear water. Cloudy water impedes the operation of Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T. The silver ions cannot easily make a connection with the cell walls of micro-organisms. This gives bacteria the chance to multiply. Filter the water first if it is not clear what you are going to use.

Specifications of Katadyn Micropur Classic MC 1T

  • Active ingredient: silver ions: 2.5 mg / g
  • Quantity: 100 tablets
  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 1 liter of water
  • Good for a total of 100 liters of water
  • Shelf life: 10 years
  • Weight: 20 gram
  • Preserves and preserves clear drinking water for up to 6 months
  • Suitable for plastic and glass containers
  • Please read the package leaflet before use in combination with metal reservoirs
  • contains no chlorine - odorless and tasteless
  • for clear, not cloudy water
  • ideal for water saving in boats, campers or caravans
  • Can be used anywhere - e.g. cooling circuits, heating circuits, humidifiers, reservoirs, water tanks, water baths, incubators, etc.
  • has a bactericidal effect after 2 hours contact time
  • inactivates bacteria and prevents odors in drinking water containers and pipes

Active ingredients: MC 1T: silver 2.5 mg / g; MC 10T: Silver 4.0 mg / g
Materials: for use in plastic or glass

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