Storm and water-resistant matches
  • Storm and water-resistant matches
  • Storm and water-resistant matches
  • Storm and water-resistant matches

Water-resistant matches with box

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Water-resistant matches

In an emergency situation, fire is one of the most important parts of your emergency package. Did your bag get wet? These matches always give fire.



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Emergency Matches

Always burning survival matches, 160 pieces in boxes with 1 waterproof box with mirror in the cap.

Water-resistant matches
Advantage pack with 4 boxes of 35 waterproof matches, or 160 waterproof matches.

Matches are an essential part of the emergency package
Matches should of course not be missing in your emergency provision. Put one or more packs of matches in your emergency kit, emergency supplies, backpack, glove compartment, fishing suitcase, survival kit, camper and toolbox.


- Waterproof packaging with screw cap and mirror
- Ideal for in your bag or pocket
- Indispensable in your emergency package


- wind and water resistant matches
- 4x35 pieces
- In boxes with ironing surface

Keep matches out of the reach of children.

Super for survival and outdoor, but indispensable for the real emergency.

A package with 4 boxes of waterproof survival matches. Stronger and more effective than regular matches. In the sturdy plastic jars with screw caps and mirrors, the water-resistant storm matches can be stored safely and water-tight. The survival matches have a long sulfur head and also burn well in very strong winds and rain. The protective layer over the wood makes the matches water-resistant.

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