MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier
  • MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier

MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier

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MiracleAir 400-B Air Aerosol Purifier

Professional air filtration captures up to 99% of viruses and bacteria ncl. Coronavirus. This machine filters no less than 450 m3 per hour. So you can filter large spaces, which many devices cannot.

3 year warranty for the drive unit (made in Germany, made in the EU)



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MiracleAir 400-B Air Purifier

Equipment with extreme performance. Going beyond conventional systems, it is designed for the numbers of people frequenting locations such as waiting rooms, open-space offices, pharmacies and doctors’ practices. It purifies air in closed, air-conditioned premises, significantly reducing illness in the workplace.

The aerosol extractor was developed for application in the healthcare sector with the personal participation of MUDr. Radek Mounajjed DDS., Ph.D. Unlike other systems in the same category, the extractor has high suction and is capable of extracting sources of pollutants at up to 40 cm away if a universal arm with a suction nozzle is fitted. A high level of sanitary performance is ensured through the use of an efficient four-stage filtration unit, which reliably captures up to 99.95% of viruses and bacteria.

The energy-saving motor limits the consumption of electricity. A special arm has been developed for dental practice, its ergonomics allowing the suction nozzle to be placed comfortably close to the patient’s mouth. The extraction efficiency of this arm is 30 cm. Cleaning the item and changing the filter is simple, hygienic and convenient.

Device with enormous performance, this machine filters no less than 450 m3 per hour. Exceeds standard devices intended for spaces with a greater number of people, such as waiting rooms, open offices, pharmacies or medical practices. Purifies the circulating air in closed, air-conditioned companies and thus significantly reduces the disease rate in the workplace.

The energy-saving and silent motor limits the consumption of electricity. 


Noise level Lp(A) 51 dB
Voltage 230 V
Power input 100 W (0.8 A)
Dimensions (W–D–H) 350 per 310 per 800 mm
Weight (excl. arm) 26.5 kg

Extraction box

This allows the arm to be mounted. The box has an on/off switch for more comfortable operation of the appliance, meaning there is no need to bend over to reach the control panel. The extraction box is fitted with closures. The box additionally features a sampling point for measuring air pressure via a small hose and cable (jack connection); an earthing cable is included.

Side panels

A design element that hides connections of the individual boxes as well as electrical & air lines. The panels are magnetically mounted on the box assembly. A QUICK guide is attached to the inside of the side panels.

Filtration box

The standard box assembly contains a G2 coarse particle filter, an F7 pre-filter, an H13 HEPA filter and a carbon filter. When changing filters, the entire filtration box is replaced, thereby ensuring maximum hygiene is maintained, since no direct contact is made with the filters. The filtration box is an accessory that can be ordered separately.

Fan box

The box contains a fan and a control panel with a knob for turning on and adjusting air flow, marking the position at which effective extraction is delivered by the arm. The panel contains a blue LED light indicating operation and an orange LED that denotes if the filter is clogged. In addition, there is a main power switch on the fan box, marked with “I on” and “0 off” positions, which disconnects the unit from the power supply. There is a flexible cord (2.7 m) positioned next to the switch. Box closures are fitted to the fan box, making it possible to connect an entire range of boxes.

How effective is the filtration?

The filter captures more than 99.95% of the pathogens. The recovery efficiency is therefore comparable to that of the respiratory masks of the category FFP3. Device with enormous performance, this machine filters up to 450 m3 per hour.

Clean, fresh and healthy air

The air cleaner is suitable for any interior space and cleans 100 m² or 400 m³ per hour. The air-purifying effect deactivates unhealthy substances such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. This minimizes the chance of transferring bacteria and viruses.

The system has proven itself in classrooms, offices, waiting areas at practices, care homes and gyms. Do you also ensure that your company can remain open?

Everything at a glance:

It reliably captures bacteria and viruses 99.95%

High sanitary performance

Energy efficient

Remote easy filter change

Low on noise 

Easy to transport and clean

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